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I'm blue (da be dee da be da) Soloshow


Galerie Thomas Serruys and I have the pleasure to invite you to my soloshow
"I'm Blue (Da be dee da be da)",
opening on the 25th of October with the "Brugge Galerie weekend".

On the occasion of Brugge Galerie Weekend 2019 Thomas Serruys invites belgian artist Nina Minnebo (1987). After attending Sint Lucas Gent where she studied Fashion and Luca School of Arts Brussels doing Graphic Arts, Nina managed to develop a strong identity and a very recognizable style of works.
Her atelier is situated in the charming countryside of Gooik. Here she works from dusk till dawn on paintings that define who she is.
" I’m Blue da ba dee da be da " will immerse its visitors in a hypnotic setting where shapes and colors trigger emotions from feel good to real escapism. “You could consider blue as a melancholic color” says Nina , “there is a certain eternal sadness in it”. But then again I don’t want to get to serious, da ba dee da ba da and there you have it, a big smile on her face. 
Feel Nina’s good vibes and her sense for aestestics. As her paintings are rhythmic you will be dancing the night away.

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Affordable Art Fair


Featured artist Affordable Art Fair 2019

I have the great pleasure to be the selected artist for the upcoming Affordable Art Fair taking place at Tour & Taxis Brussels (14-17 March 2019).

I will create the installation at the income of the fair & will show some work on my stand.
Read the interview wit Affordable Art Fair  here.

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